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I’ve never liveblogged. But I figure hey, I’m sitting here with my laptop and the TV. So what the heck?

Man, I’m just not all that into this year’s crop of AI hopefuls. There were some spectacular singers last year, and I wanted David Cooke to win from the beginning, so I thought it was a great AI season. About half of these final 36, though – I’m really not sure how they made it this far.

Aww, the goofy retrospective montage. Blech. But it wouldn’t be AI without this stuff.

I’m pulling for Jorge and Lil make it through from this Group. I thought their performances were far and above better than the rest of their group.

I don’t know if I can keep watching if barbell-piercing guy – Nathaniel? – goes on in the competition. He’s moodier than a 13-year-old girl having her first period. It’s annoying.

Okay, I”m pretty impressed by how Scott, the blind guy, is keeping up with the group-song choreography. I don’t think his voice is strong enough for the competition, though. (Whenever I type the word “competition” or say it in my head, I hear it in Simon’s accent.)

Commercial break…. I really wanted Megan and dueling-piano-player dude – Matt? – to make it. Maybe they’ll get wildcard slots. Megan is one of the most interesting singers I’ve seen in all the Idol seasons, and oh-em-gee, she is absolutely gorgeous.

And we’re back. Short clips from last night. Ugh, Alex was terrible. How did he even get this far? I think Arianna probably has a fantastic voice, but her performance just didn’t do it. I’d love to see Jorge get a recording contract out of this. A Spanish-speaking guy would be a great addition to the Idol successes.

Blah blah blah, small talk with the contestants. I wonder how the wild card part will work? Do they have to sing again? Do the judges pick?

Lil is through – cool.

Oh no, is Scott getting the sympathy vote? He doesn’t belong in the final 12. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and he puts a lot into his singing, but there are many other more talented kids in the group.

Back from the break. Poor Arianna. I liked Felicia. I wouldn’t be too upset if she made it. Alex totally mutilated a fantastic song (I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues). Whew, he didn’t make it.

God, this must be torture for the kids’ parents.

Kendall is cute, but she’d always be compared to Carrie Underwood, and she doesn’t hold a candle.

Whoa, Scott made it. Hmmm… huh, okay. I hope they at least give him a decent haircut before the top 12 action starts. I think it’ll be better if he can get back behind his piano. But I’m sorry, his voice is just weak.

Commercial break. I can’t believe I’ve been watching this show for what, 8 years? I just happened to catch the very, very first AI show that ever aired, and I’ve been hooked ever since. D wants to audition for next season. I totally think he should go for it. He’s as good a vocalist as  most of the people in the competition now, but I’ve heard the selection process isn’t all about picking the best singers. So who knows.

Back from commercial. Okay, I guess Nathaniel is sort of “fun.” If he just wouldn’t act like such a sissy. Seriously, Kristen looks like she’s 35. Neither is through. Moving on. Down to Ju’not and Jorge. Both were really good. Jorge! Sweet, that’s pretty cool.

Ooo, wildcard info. After the break – of course.

Back. I wonder who Scott’s helper is? Ooo – 8 wildcard singers tomorrow night!! And they are…. Von, huh – I tuned in late and missed his performance last night. Jasmine – she was alright, and she’s super-cute. I like Kara, I think she gives good critiques and advice.  Ricky – don’t even remember him. Megan – yes!! Oh GOD – Tatiana?!?!?!?! So thought we were done with her. People are actually laughing at her. Oh for god’s sake. Yes, Matt!! Love that guy. Huh, Jessie – that’s kinda cool, she’s different. Anoop, cool. Got some real diversity in the group.

Too bad I gotta study for a midterm tomorrow night. Gotta find a way to watch the wildcards…!

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