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Career 2.0

A couple of short years ago, I switched careers. Before, I worked in science. Now, I’m a writer. I work for a good company and make an okay wage. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sincerely grateful for my job, given the state of things these days. But I’d really like to try some freelancing – I’m craving variety and opportunities to write for different media and publications.

And frankly, I’d like to be making more money. There, I said it. A career change at 30 meant I started over again at the bottom, making even less money (adjusted for inflation) than I did fresh out of college 8 years before.

Happy about getting the job, not as excited about the size of the paycheck.

I’ve made up quite a bit of ground in the past couple of years, but I don’t think I’ll have opportunities for big jumps in pay anytime soon, especially with my current employer and the current market.

So (I think) this is what it boils down to.  Essentially, I want 2 things:

  • More variety in my work with more flexibility overall.
  • Higher income.

My tentative plan is to start pursuing some freelance opportunities in the early summer. I’d like to start now, but my slow plod through a graduate degree means that during the fall and spring semesters I don’t have much time  or intellectual capacity for additional projects. But I know I need to set more specific goals, so I can work on those between now and then.


Okay, so the BIG dream is to win 20 mil in the lottery. Then I’d just freelance and do my own writing projects, purely for the joy of the pursuits. 🙂

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