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Tampon Crafts?

This is kinda funny, but it makes me cringe a little. What’s next, condom balloon animals?


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I love efficiency. In my mind, if you’re doing something the inefficient way, you’re doing it the wrong way (and that’s only a bit of hyperbole, there).

Grocery shopping – not exactly my favorite way to spend Sunday evening. So I’m all for anything that makes it faster.

I keep a steno pad on the kitchen counter, and I write down items on it as they occur to me throughout the week. So that’s how the list used to end up: A column of items in the order I thought of them.

Recently, I gave our grocery list a makeover. I created a template with sections that mirror the physical areas of the grocery store we always go to. A section for “frozen,” one for “produce,” one for “meat/deli,” and so on. It allows me to whip through the store, checking off items as I go, and I never have to double back to an area to get something I missed the first time through. Shaves a good 10-15 minutes off the trip!

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Great Op-Ed in the NYT – Til Children Do Us Part – that supports a couple of things I’ve always suspected:

  • Couples who think having children will make their marriage better or more blissful are delusional.
  • Children don’t need their parents to spend more time with them. They need their parents to take good care of the marriage, thereby creating a happier and more stable environment for the offspring.

Easy for childless me to say, right? 😉

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Good for Wood

Method Good for Wood floor cleaner

Method Good for Wood floor cleaner

Sounds like a new website for your naughty self-portraits, but it’s not.

It’s a product in Method’s floor care line, and it smells freakin awesome – like almonds. Really clean almonds. Plus, it’s biodegradable and non-toxic. A little pricey, but I’m in love with this stuff!

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We pay someone to clean our house. It’s a luxury, but not one I would give up unless I truly had no other choice. I’m very frugal in most respects, but when it comes to this, it’s worth the $100 every 3 weeks (it’d be every 2 weeks if I could afford it).

During our first three months in our house, I did most of the cleaning. I  have a bit of clutter in my life and I’m okay with it as long as it stays somewhat contained, but I can’t tolerate dirt and grime. Dirty floors and dusty furniture make me feel like a less worthy person, somehow. (Don’t even talk to me about stained toilet bowls or grimy bathtubs. shudder) In our 2000 square-foot home, I was spending a significant amount of time scrubbing and dusting each weekend. My husband helped if I asked, but didn’t do any cleaning without prompting from me. I felt like I was losing hours and hours of my life to the Swiffer and the sponge.

I value a clean house, but I also value the precious little free time I have. In this case, the free time is more valuable than the money. I’ll find other areas where I can cut back expenses, if I have to. Plus, was able to let go of the resentment I felt back when I was the one doing nearly all of the work.

I’m think it’s safe to conclude that paying someone to clean our house is good for our marriage.

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Really! It’s like Mad Libs.  See for yourself.

Here’s a sample….

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Stripe Starcrest and I am applying for Disney’s Two-Headed Crab position. For the past year I have worked as a fortune cookie writer for the guy who stands there and watches in Constantinople. While this was an amazing experience, I  have decided to take a different direction with my career and focus on koala bears.

I am looking for a job that will utilize my genuine love of rib cartilage and penchant for sail boarding and Phoebe. I have hairy computer skills, cyanide poisoning experience, am a suggestive communicator (both visually and verbally) and am a very in-the-mood and easy-to-work with individual.

Attached for your review is my resume. I know that if we get the chance to meet, you will see what an asset I can be to Disney’s Pitching a Tent department. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Step off,
Stripe Starcrest

Thanks for the Deluxe Cover-Letter-o-Matic, 2B1B-ers!

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Just the Essentials

D’s contributions to this week’s grocery list:

  • gummy bears (bulk)
  • ice cream

Ah, to be able to eat whatever you want….

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