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I’ve had this song stuck in my head since I learned of MJ’s untimely death. A song I always loved, without really consciously thinking of it as a “Michael Jackson song.”

The boy delivers – what a gorgeous tribute from John Mayer.

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Hack Sniffle Moan

A wicked sore throat took me completely by surprise, and now I just wish someone would smack me over the head with a frying pan and not revive me until it’s all over. And getting sick just in time for the weekend? So wrong. At least it’s cloudy and rainy to match my mood.

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Twitter is like a bubble gum ice cream milk shake. It sounds weird. Sorta stupid. Why would anyone do that?

And then you try it, and it’s oddly delicious. You want more. Mmmmmm….

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Bases Covered

D is out of deodorant. I watch as he sprays Axe body spray under his arms.

Me: You can use my deodorant if you want.
D: No, that’s okay. This is deodorant spray.
Me: Oh. Okay.
D: And I spray some on the outside of my shirt, too. So in case the inside of the shirt becomes stinkified…
Me: … you still have a body spray barrier on the outside.
D, smiling: Exactly.

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Little Jack-o-Lantern

Oscar is missing 3 baby teeth all of a sudden! Good thing they’re starting to fall out – the vet said he’d have to have baby teeth pulled at 6 mos when he gets fixed, if they don’t come out on their own.

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Incubus in Vegas

It hasn’t quite sunk in that we’re going to see Incubus at The Joint in July. Incubus has been on my short list of “shows I’d travel to see” for years, now. (What’d I do with that list, anyway…?)

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Growing Some Soil

I just recently started composting. Uh, well…. Since I haven’t been doing it long enough yet to have produced any actual compost, I guess it’s more like I’m just saving discarded food in a box in the yard, adding dirt or water or yard clippings to it every once in a while, and stirring it around.

But anyway.

But there’s something strangely satisfying about putting kale spines and orange peels into the compost pail under the sink. Knowing that they’re destined to become food for the plants in my yard. It’s all very circle-of-lifey. I’ve even started bringing my banana peels and tea bags home from work to add to the bin.

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I just discovered the Garden Rant blog last week, and I have a full-on blog-crush on it. Gardening with an attitude, who knew.

This post on Asparagus – but actually about so much more – is just awesome. Favorite quotes:

It’s better to live the dream and assume that the harvest is assured, instead of pinchedly calculating the probability of happiness and refusing to risk anything when the odds are against you.  Or so I’ve learned from the humble asparagus.


It’s one of my basic principles as a gardener: Never trust anybody who tells you to dig deeper than a shovel’s depth.  I suspect that deep-digging is like Scientology, a cult of self-betterment for the gullible.

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yehudabergdaily…Are you limiting what you can accomplish? Are you thinking small? Can your desire be expanded?

I think my problem isn’t so much that I think too small. It’s that I immediately jump to how-to, and start thinking of all the steps that would be involved in doing something spectacular. I’m very process-oriented, and I tend to focus more on how to get to the endpoint. And that usually overwhelms me so much that I decide it’s not worth it or it would be too difficult.

This quality isn’t all bad, though.. I’m very pragmatic, I’m great at designing and troubleshooting processes. Those are my strengths. I’ve never been much of a visionary, and don’t expect I ever will be. I’m the person who helps the visionaries make their big ideas into reality.

The negative part of this is that I’m not comfortable with much risk. In a group dynamic, I can be the voice of reason. But when it’s just me and my life, it probably does hold me back.

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Plants Are My Crack

Broke down yesterday and bought a lovely, large potted Endless Summer Hydrangea and a large potted Bleeding Heart. D convinced me not to toss the tiny and mostly dead All Summer Beauty starter into the compost bin – he suggested cutting down the growth, planting it in a pot,  and babying it for a bit to see if it comes back. For someone with no gardening experience, he has had some great insights. He keeps calling the hydrangea “hydrangea-ness.”

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