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I love efficiency. In my mind, if you’re doing something the inefficient way, you’re doing it the wrong way (and that’s only a bit of hyperbole, there).

Grocery shopping – not exactly my favorite way to spend Sunday evening. So I’m all for anything that makes it faster.

I keep a steno pad on the kitchen counter, and I write down items on it as they occur to me throughout the week. So that’s how the list used to end up: A column of items in the order I thought of them.

Recently, I gave our grocery list a makeover. I created a template with sections that mirror the physical areas of the grocery store we always go to. A section for “frozen,” one for “produce,” one for “meat/deli,” and so on. It allows me to whip through the store, checking off items as I go, and I never have to double back to an area to get something I missed the first time through. Shaves a good 10-15 minutes off the trip!

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