DIY Dog Training

We were planning to do an obedience course with Oscar, but now I’m thinking we’ll just continue training him on our own for the time being. We’ve taught him sit, down, shake, roll over, and up (stand up on hind legs), and he’s a quick study and seems to enjoy learning. Or maybe he just enjoys the treats he gets when we’re training. In any case, we’re now down to one income, and $150 for obedience school doesn’t seem the wisest use of money at the moment.

We’ll start working on “stay” and “come” next. I bet there are plenty of YouTube videos on dog training. Maybe even some DVDs at the library. “Free” is definitely the keyword of the moment.

That reminds me – recently we aquired an animal hair trimmer (for free from a friend who repairs and rebuilds trimmers, as luck would have it), so we’re going to try grooming Oscar ourselves. Should be very interesting, seeing as how neither of us has any dog-trimming experience. If we can manage do it, that’s another 35 bucks a month saved.


Twitter is like a bubble gum ice cream milk shake. It sounds weird. Sorta stupid. Why would anyone do that?

And then you try it, and it’s oddly delicious. You want more. Mmmmmm….

LA Trip in Review

Spent a fabulous 5 days in the city of sun, stars, and fake boobs.

Where We Stayed:
The Grafton on Sunset.
Deserves its 3 1/2 stars – no more, no less. Great location, lovely pool area, very cool rooms and lobby. The free drop-off service was nice. We had 2 different rooms, and they both were extremely noisy. Even D had to use earplugs. The place is cool, but rough around the edges. When we first arrived, the elevator reeked of fish. D called it the fishevator for the rest of our stay.

What We Did:

  • Shopped for snacks at Trader Joe’s. Sure wish we had TJ’s here!!!
  • Dredge at the Troubadour. Great show, awesome club. We started out in the upper lounge, and had it to ourselves for about a half hour. We should have stayed up there instead of moving down to the floor – the view was much better from above.
  • Warner Bros studio tour. Very cool, but nothing was being filmed, so it was pretty dead. We got our picture taken on the set of Central Perk from Friends. Saw a bunch of sound stages and fake neighborhoods and buildings, including the old set for outside shots on ER. Planned on taking the bus to Burbank, but waited too late and had to take a $25 cab ride. Caught the bus back to West Hollywood, though.
  • Santa Monica Pier. Rode the express line to the beach on Saturday and hung out for a couple of hours. Nice day, but not hot.
  • Guitar Center (D). He spent a couple of hours in the gigantic Hollywood Guitar Center.
  • Shopping in Sunset Plaza (me). Went to H&M (jacket, sunglasses, headband, necklace), Armani Exchange (skinny jeans, sweater), and BCBG (browsed).
  • Walked up into the Hollywood Hills. We put on our “walker’s shoes” and hoofed it up the hill across Sunset from our hotel. Awesome homes with amazing views. Totally felt like I was trespassing!

Where We Ate:

  • Sushi on Sunset
  • Yogo Delight
  • In-N-Out. Had to take the bus to get there!
  • Pinche’s Tacos. YUM.
  • Mediterranean place in or near the Sunset Plaza. Nearly empty, but awesome food and very affordable. We both had Turkish coffee so we could stay awake to go out later.
  • Pizza Rustica. Terrible. D calls it Pizza Craptastica.
  • Urth Caffe. We’ve been wanting to go here since we got into Entourage (they’re always brunching at Urth Caffe). Awesome food, very hip. Saw famous-looking people, but no one we recognized.
  • Compadres. D smelled the Mexican food across from Guitar Center, so we had to go here.
  • Mel’s Drive-In. Just a block away from our hotel. Loved it!

Where We Drank:

  • Ketchup Bar. So cool, great atmosphere.
  • Saddle Ranch. Too much like bars here at home. D kinda liked it, but I hated it. Really loud, crowded, and full of college-student-type crowd. Don’t need to fly to LA for that – plenty of it here right downtown.  D calls it “Saddle Bags.”
  • Skybar. Jaw-droppingly awesome. Drinks are very expensive, but the place kicked the ass of every club I’ve ever been in, maybe except Rain in LV. Very cool, mellow vibe, and great music. Also very dark – makes for a lot of privacy, and makes you feel like you can really relax. We got there early, about 9:45, and grabbed the bed near the restrooms. Hard to make out the faces, but we thought we saw Jason Mraz.

Next time:

  • Check out the clubs on Hollywood Blvd.
  • Go back to Skybar.
  • Do a star homes tour. We really just want to gawk at the homes – we don’t so much care if they belong to famous people.

Bases Covered

D is out of deodorant. I watch as he sprays Axe body spray under his arms.

Me: You can use my deodorant if you want.
D: No, that’s okay. This is deodorant spray.
Me: Oh. Okay.
D: And I spray some on the outside of my shirt, too. So in case the inside of the shirt becomes stinkified…
Me: … you still have a body spray barrier on the outside.
D, smiling: Exactly.

Little Jack-o-Lantern

Oscar is missing 3 baby teeth all of a sudden! Good thing they’re starting to fall out – the vet said he’d have to have baby teeth pulled at 6 mos when he gets fixed, if they don’t come out on their own.

Incubus in Vegas

It hasn’t quite sunk in that we’re going to see Incubus at The Joint in July. Incubus has been on my short list of “shows I’d travel to see” for years, now. (What’d I do with that list, anyway…?)

Growing Some Soil

I just recently started composting. Uh, well…. Since I haven’t been doing it long enough yet to have produced any actual compost, I guess it’s more like I’m just saving discarded food in a box in the yard, adding dirt or water or yard clippings to it every once in a while, and stirring it around.

But anyway.

But there’s something strangely satisfying about putting kale spines and orange peels into the compost pail under the sink. Knowing that they’re destined to become food for the plants in my yard. It’s all very circle-of-lifey. I’ve even started bringing my banana peels and tea bags home from work to add to the bin.